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You ‘ll find more details and explainations about the rates on the pages of the different activities!

All equipment is included in the rates…

rate canyoning

rate via ferrata

rate escalade

rate collectivite

About groups: We can of course organize outings with bigger groups than 10 people. The  maximum number of peolpe is given for one guide. If you’ve got bigger groups, you just have to book for several guides!

Private guide

If you want to have a private guide for your team or family, these are the rates.
If you are more than the number of people indicated, contact me to know the rate!

Canyoning (maximum 8 people/guide)

Grade 1 canyon (half a day): 320 euros

Grade 2 canyon (half a day): 360 euros

Grade 2 canyon (full day): 480 euros

Grade 3 canyon (full day): 520 euros

Grade 4 canyon (full day): 560 euros

Climbing (maximum 8 people/guide)

Half a day: 280 euros

Full day: 400 euros

Via ferrata (maximum 8 people/guide)

Half a day: 280 euros

Full day: 400 euros

Are you ready to follow us?

Canyoning for children over 8. Practitioners must be able to swim and like water!
From first climbing experiences to adventure in long routes. For beginners as well as expert climbers.
Via ferrata is a good way to approach big walls even without being an experienced climber.